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Dear partners!


If you would like to offer cooperation, please do so in the form below:

  • First of all, email! Dialogue on the phone will only lead to the fact that I will ask you to send everything by mail, and both you and I will lose time irretrievably!

  • In the subject of the letter, briefly what exactly you offer, so it will be easy for me to find you when you are needed. A big colorful presentation of YOUR works or goods. There is no need to tell in many letters how wonderful you are, I will look at all the information in the presentation.

  • The presence of prices in the presentation increases your chances of cooperation at times.

  • No need to send the same email every week! Having sent it once, you get to the base where I will find you. After receiving the third or fifth letter, I delete you from the database and send the letter to spam!

  • Please pay attention to my name! My name is YaroslavNa, not Yaroslav)))), I will be very pleased if you address me correctly.

Please direct all questions to: with a note in the subject from which publication you are.

Thank you.

Dear customers!

Part of the funds from the payment of your project goes to help those in need.

Thanks to you, pensioners, orphanages and animal shelters receive help.

Please don't ask me for reports or details. I provide my assistance ONLY of my own free will and in the amount required by the circumstances!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


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